Round 2 edits completed. Notes received. Below

“Ha you put the green shoes! I need purple so can the house be purple and switch out the male lion he is looking like a poodle please needs to be more LION big badI like the first one but the Gold color of the second one but make the Green bold font for Group pleaseThe green background is hot though can’t use on cardsWhat would it look like with purple house and purple “Realty ” for #1 with #2’s Gold color”

“Hi AJ the only last thing besides all the above is can we make her brown vs black”

Round 1 initial logo concepts completed. Notes received.

I love #5 can you put the words in the house like #2 and my colors are Green, Gold and Purple#5 how will it look with Golden Lions, Gold Hair on the Woman in a Gold dress and green shoes?
No need for shoes.
I think I want two logos – for business cards purposes I think #2 for with a male lion with my colors. #5 I would like for website, social media platforms (and if you know someone who can animate that – rubbing the LIONS that would be hot – let me know)!