So… I was recently called upon to do a last minute photo shoot of Dallas Cowboys’ James Anderson, for the next cover of Industry Rules Magazine. Here’s the story! On Thursday afternoon I received a text from the editor (whom I’ve never met) saying, “Can you do a photo shoot in a studio by tomorrow!!!”. What!?!???… If you have ever booked a studio in LA, you know it is dang near impossible to book one overnight. Nevertheless, I replied, “If I can find a studio, I’m in!”. I searched far and wide (meaning: downtown and the valley) and called as many studios as I could find in my contacts list. Like I thought, every single one of them was booked solid for weeks. This is usually the case here. You’d have to book a studio, like, two weeks in advance in most cases; especially for a Friday shoot. As fate would have it, one studio returned my call with some good news: “There’s been a cancellation! If you want the studio in the morning, it’s yours!”. WOW!! I was ecstatic. I really wanted this client and it looked like this job was going to happen. Studio booked! Good to go! They were so pleased that they paid me in advance. Game on!

So, the next day I met James Anderson and Beau from Ace Livingston: which is an upscale fashion line. Beau was fitting James with dope gear for the shoot and for the cover. Also, James’s girlfriend, model Carissa Rosario, showed up for support. They were all awesome folks to be around and very cool and laid back. So, we starting shooting away. As we were shooting I decided to put on some Busta Rhymes in the studio’s Pandora on the stereo and crank it up. This definitely pulled out James’s personality and we all loosened up and had a great vibe, which turned into an awesome photoshoot. It’s a wrap! The cover and editorial were done and we all had a great time and made some cool friends in the process. The editor was loving all the shots from the shoot and asked that I be a staff photographer for the magazine. Looks like I will be working with them again in the future. We pulled off this last minute shoot and turned out to be one of the best covers that they have had so far. Check out the September issue of INDUSTRY RULES MAG. “Let’s get ready for FOOTBALL!”