I often begin my days with a little prayer and meditation. Sometimes focused meditations, and sometimes not;  but today my focus was  on what it means to be a warrior. Webster’s would define it as “one who excels in war.” Which makes sense, however doesn’t really give me meaning. So, what does it mean, to be a warrior? I would have to define it for myself as, one who is prepared. I’ve realized that a warrior is a warrior because he is prepared, and the best warrior, is the best because he is the most prepared. The way to becoming or being a warrior is preparation. A good warrior is prepared for anything that may be thrown at him, whether the threat is physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise. Sun Tzu said, “The general with fewer calculations will suffer defeat in war. How much more the general who makes no calculations at all.” Be prepared! Be prepared for all things large and small, far and wide. Stay ready!